“Thank you for taking care of the little souls we bring every week- you have enhanced both their worlds, and ours.”- Alethea

“A very big thank you for your guidance and patience at Montessori and with “M”. We both have learned so much these past two terms, and hope the learning and growing continues in this beautiful, calm environment you help to nurture.”- Antonia

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance over this past year at Newcastle Montessori 0-3, We had loved our time in your program very much.”- Ivy

“Thank you so very much for being an amazing Montessori mentor for both “J” and I. I really appreciate your words of wisdom for parenting and your gentle presence that you give to Joseph and all the children. You really respect their being and listen closely to their expression and I thank you for that.”- Dianna

“Thank you so much for the past 5 years. We have loved the 0-3 program. I have really appreciated your advice and guidance. Thank you so very much.”- Meredith

“A gesture of gratitude for all your support and guidance through Montessori 0-3 Program. We’ve valued so much the approach of independence, mindful learning and child led exploration- the foundations of loving to learn. We are delighted “H” will still see you at ‘Big School’ for music! We look forward to the Montessori journey with “A” with you soon.” – Lara

“We are so blessed to have first experienced Montessori with you. Harvey and I instantly felt at home with you and have thoroughly respected and gathered up your wonderful parental advice. When in strife we would always ask ‘What would Cari say?’! Your humour and love of music resonated in our home. Your patience, timely advice, relaxed nature, Montessori teachings and experience will never be forgotten. Thank you for helping us guide our children into their true selves. The ‘GREAT’ teachers are never forgotten and still influence their students lives throughout life. You certainly are a ‘GREAT’.” – Natalie and Harvey

“Thank you for another great year Cari. “A” loves coming to school, and I love another generation of memories being made with you.” – Fiona


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